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Burton Green Academy Newsletter 9th March 2022

Dear Parents,
It was so lovely to see so many of you visiting school last night to view the books and the work your children have been completing.  It has been a long time since we got to feel like we were once again part of a family, supporting the children’s learning together.


This week I had the pleasure of seeing the amazing volcanoes that the children in Cedar class got to produce and the excitement as the children in year 5 have arrived today to take part in Bikeability.


These opportunities are so important in creating a rich learning environment and ensuring the children ‘Live life in all it’s fullness’.


Unfortunately, we have a Trust wide training day on Friday, so school will be shut and we will have to wait for a week before we can once again ‘Reach for the Stars’.

Maple Class:
This week we have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears and were fantastic at acting it out! We have also started to learn about the events in Holy Week in RE and read about what happened on Palm Sunday.  

Cedar Class: 
What a busy day! Cedar class have been busy with their D&T activities. While it has been tiring it is a fantastic project to have undertaken. Please keep your eyes peeled for our pictures on the website. In addition, swimming is going swimmingly and the children are really learning how to be independent with their changing and swimming. 

Damson Class
In Damson Class this week we have been looking at ways to improve our work. In Literacy, this has involved careful proof reading of what we have written and up levelling our sentences & vocabulary. In Maths, we have achieved this by checking our subtractions by adding the amount taken away with our answer or by rounding up and estimating answers before we begin. We hope by doing this, we will increase our independent learning skills.

Oak Class: 

This week in Oak, we have been writing our own detective stories. We are including direct and indirect speech and showcasing our awareness of all types of punctuation; this includes the use of the semi-colon, colon and brackets as well as other punctuation.


In maths we have been learning how to read and plot coordinates this week. We have continued our work studying the Easter story in class and feel more knowledgeable on events now. As always, we have put in maximum effort and enthusiasm with continued topic work on “The Ancient Maya”.