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Cedar (Years 2 and 3)

Welcome to Cedar Class!

Welcome to Cedar's class page. This is the next step your child will take on their learning journey. In years 2 and 3, your child will be encouraged and supported in developing the key skills that they have secured throughout Maple class. Mr Nailor and Mrs Hind have been working together in Cedar class for 3 years now and they are dedicated in creating happy learners who pursue life in all it's fullness. 

Year 2
As children enter year 2 they are supported on the next step of their learning journey, developing an increased independence and confidence in learning and life skills. The children are beginning to tackle more abstract problems throughout their maths work as well as a more thorough look into literature and a variety of genres in their literacy.


Year 3
In year 3 we aim to develop on the foundations firmly set in year 2. Children will have increasing responsibility including job roles and changing their own books to name a few. We really get a sense of children belonging as they reach year 3. We believe that having a good relationship with the teacher and learning assistant is key for children developing a sense of who they are and who they want to be.   

We tackle a range of topics in Cedar class across a two year rolling programme.

Year A
- Castle Siege!
- An Island Home
- Volcanoes
- Beside the Seaside
- Seaside Rescue

Year B

- Hero or Villain? 
- Fire! Fire!
- Anglo-Saxons
- Vikings
- The Great Plant Hunt
- Hot and Cold: Africa 

Welcome back Cedar Class- 6/9/21

Paul Klee Castle in the Sun- 14/9/21

Number bond problem solving (Year 2) - 17/9/21

21/10/21- Fabric day (D&T)

Today the children took part in fabric day! We created our own coat of arms based on our castle topic. We carefully thought of the meaning behind the colours, design and images we cut out. 

19/11/21- PIXLR (computing)

This term in computing we have been looking at photo editing and adding filters to images and here are a few examples.

6/01/22- Computing Algorithms

The children have recently started their new topic following the new Teach Computing scheme. We have been looking at algorithm. The children pretended to be robots and code each other to complete tasks like following this maze (unplugged).

12/01/22- Year 2 science observations

Year 2s have been busy observing in their mini-world topic in science. We have focused on working scientifically through our observations and describing what we can see.

27/01/22- Ukulele!

This term, in music, the children are learning all about ukuleles and their history. Today we focused on the parts of the ukulele and how to pluck the strings. We played Frère Jacques all together.

01/02/22- Volcano Art!

Today we have been creating a collage in the style of Margret Godfrey. You can see the picture of Margret's work and us in the process of creating this collage.

03/02/22- Road Safety workshop

Today the children have had a visit from WCC Road safety team. They have taught us all about how to be safe on our scooters and crossing the road. Please find more information in this letter...

08/03/22 - Sculpting volcanoes

What a project! This week the children have been creating sculptures of volcanoes using modroc. we have explored the uses of these materials as well as the potential uses. In addition we have discussed why this is such a valuable material. The children have been really enthused applying their knowledge of volcanoes to our sculptures and have thoroughly enjoyed painting them. 

A special thanks to the parent helpers and all of those who offered their assistance. 

Dogs Trust Workshop- 06/05/22

Today we have been lucky enough to learn all about dogs from the people themselves, Dog's Trust! The children were thoroughly engaged all morning learning about different stereotypes as well as how to approach dogs safely and calmly.

23/5/22- Seaside Day!

When the seaside is too far, we bring the seaside to you! The children have thoroughly enjoyed their day, learning about the Victorians and their seaside holidays. In the morning, we began by making all manner of trinkets that would have been found at the seaside in Victorian times, from shell boxes to postcards and train tickets. The children also had chance to role play in the seaside shop. In the afternoon, the children boarded the train using the ticket they had made and travelled to the seaside. Each child had the opportunity to be a shop keeper and spent a purse full of old money on the different pier games. Roll a penny was a definite winner. Our day was rounded off in the best way, with a traditional punch and Judy show.  We hope to travel to the seaside again sometime soon.





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