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Burton Green Academy Newsletter 16th March 2022

Dear Parents,
It has been a really busy week which we started by watching a Road Safety Assembly with a focus on keeping safe on your bike.  We thought this was really appropriate as we know the excitement there has been with the Bikeability sessions last week in Damson class.


We have once again been hit by an increase in Covid cases with staff, children and parents/carers.  We would like to continue to remind you to test when/where appropriate to try and keep the community as safe as possible.


We know that for many symptoms are mild, but for some this is not the case, and we need to think about keeping everybody in our community as safe as we can.


Next week we are looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day on Friday and we are planning to have ‘mum’s/mother figures’ into School to celebrate.  Timings are going to be:
9:05am - Cedar, Damson and Oak Mothers' Day Assembly, and 2:30pm - Maple Mothers' Day Tea, but please bear with us if last minute changes need to be made, due to case numbers within school. 

Maple Class:
This week in Maple Class we have been learning all about doubling in maths and have also been rehearsing our number bonds to 10! We have been creating story maps to help us retell Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have also been learning about how to keep our teeth healthy and created posters to help others learn too!

Cedar Class: 
In Cedar class the children are definitely missing Mr Nailor, but they have been working really hard despite this!


I was so impressed with the year 2 children’s knowledge of money and coins.  They are definitely good at working out how to pay for their sweets!  The year 3 children really impressed me with their knowledge of 3-digit numbers and also ‘tricky’ 3 digit subtraction calculations (my brain still hurts!). 


The highlight for me this week would have to be the amazing drama that the children took part in for their topic session.  they were amazing as they acted out the story of Remus and Romulus.  Definitely some budding actors!

Damson Class
This week in Damson Class, we are feeling the absence of many of our classmates -it seems strangely quiet! However, those of us left have continued our learning and this week this has included polygons and 24hr time in Maths. In literacy we are enjoying some spooky short stories and identifying their key features. Whilst in Topic, we are thinking about how animals adapt to the unique rainforest environment. We hope everyone gets well soon!

Oak Class: 
This week we have been completing a set of past SAT’s papers as we are about to start revision units in preparation for the real assessments in May. As well as this we have been learning about calendars used by the Ancient Maya and how they affected crop planting. We have also been working on some Mother’s Day surprises.