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Burton Green Academy Newsletter 13th July 2022

Dear Parents,
This week we have enjoyed the lovely weather and also the opportunity to celebrate the successes of the children within their annual reports and our KS2 SATS results.


I am so proud of what all of the children achieve each and every single day and having an opportunity to read their reports gives me that opportunity to hear about the highlights of their year.


Year 6 have been continuing to rehearse for their production next week.  The stage is set and I have already managed to get a few glimpses of the preparation.


Today we have had an opportunity to hear Great Britain’s short speed skater Farrell Treacy talk to the children about being an Olympian.  A real inspirational talk that will hopefully inspire the children to try new sports.


I hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful weather and I look forward to once again ‘Reaching for the Stars’ during our assembly on Friday.

Maple Class: 
We had a fantastic time at our Zoolab workshop this morning! We got to meet a giant millipede, a stick insect, a tarantula and a scorpion. We even got to meet some reptiles too and were able to hold a corn snake and also met a bearded dragon. The children asked great questions and were so careful when handling/looking at the creatures. Well done Maple Class!

Cedar Class: 
This week Cedar class will be trying and making their final sandwiches to give to Mr Grinling (The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch). Equally, we have enjoyed meeting and taking part in activities with our local Olympian Farrell Treacy.

Damson Class
This week in Damson Class, we have been designing Ancient Greek Sandals, ready to make this forthcoming week.
In Literacy, we have been learning how to make our writing flow using cohesive devices and in Maths, we have been using mental strategies to calculate quickly.

Oak Class:
This week Oak Class have been putting the finishing touches to their end of school show. We have had an investitive maths lesson by a teacher from Kenilworth secondary school. Also, we had a visit from the Olympian Farrell Tracey and a short training session with him. Another busy week!